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How To Fill Out Your City Parish Employment Application

Employment Application This document is in PDF format.  Download the free viewer from
Education Related | Employment Related
Application Supplements | Veteran's Preference | Miscellaneous

Many applicants either have their applications rejected or their scores affected by application errors that may be avoided. The following list is an effort to help you avoid the most common mistakes. Please read it carefully before submitting your employment application.

Education Related Information

Attach a copy of your high school diploma unless you will be attaching a copy of your college diploma.

If your college diploma does not specify what your major field of study was, a copy of an official transcript is a better document to submit. Education points may be awarded, in many cases, only if the specific degree is indicated.

It is best to include all levels of higher education documentation because credit may be given for a specific bachelor's degree that would not be evident on a master's diploma.

Even if you did not complete college, it is still beneficial to submit an official transcript of completed courses because partial credit may be afforded.

If you are applying for a position that requires a college degree and you either did not complete college, or completed but not in the required field, you must list your major undergraduate subjects and credit hours to be considered for admitting.

Attach certificates/diplomas indicating completion of business college or trade school.

Employment Related

Where you have held supervisory positions, titles of people supervised, not just the number of people, must be indicated.

Months and years must be indicated for the start and end dates of each job held. "Current", "Present", "Still Employed", or similar must be indicated if an ending date is omitted from an application.

Please include accurate percentages on your duties/responsibilities. Often, percentages are either not included, or they are inaccurate as they do not equal 100%. Many times it is necessary for an analyst to know what your major responsibility was.

If hours worked are omitted, you will not get credit for that period of employment. If the hours varied, list a range such as "5-15" hours, or "20-40" hours. If you often worked overtime, "40+" is acceptable in the hours box.

Check your starting and ending dates for feasibility. Look for errors such as employed from 2/6/87-1/4/82 or a date of 14/2/93. These types of errors will prevent you from receiving credit for some of your employment history.

Proof of volunteer experience must be attached to your application. A letter on the organization's letterhead specifying the nature of work, average number of hours worked per week and beginning and ending dates is required.

Please do not use abbreviations, initials or military jargon when describing your duties or listing your job title.

Title of position held should be your official title and not a working title or multiple titles.

Print legibly in ink or type so that we are able to read and understand what is written.

If you have held a position requiring skill in the operation of a specific piece of equipment, please indicate this within your list of duties/responsibilities.

Application Supplements

For Heavy Equipment Operator and Maintenance Worker applications, equipment lists must list employers and must be consistent with the employment history on your employment application.

If you are applying for a Heavy Equipment Operator, Maintenance Worker or Maintenance Worker Supervisor position and have a Commercial Driver's License, attach a copy of your CDL to your application.

Veteran's Preference

You must submit a copy of your DD214 and/or proof of service connected disability for veteran's preference points to be awarded.


Remember to sign and date your employment application.

Resumes may be attached, but are not accepted in place of the employment application.

A separate employment application is required for each position for which you are applying. However, copies are acceptable if each is complete and signed.

A current City employee who is working out of class must submit a letter from his or her supervisor indicating the duties being performed. Without this documentation, credit cannot be given for the higher level of responsibilities.

The application form and its contents are the official property of the City of Baton Rouge and will not be returned, reused or copied for you after being submitted. You should retain a copy of your application for future use or reference.

Thank you for your interest in City-Parish employment and good luck in your employment search.