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Modular Building Requirements

Inspection Statement for Modular Buildings Form

When Submitting an Application for a Commercial Permit, You Must Provide the Following Minimum Items:

Two copies of a site plot plan, drawn to scale, on legal or letter sized paper to show these minimum items:

Proposed location of building showing dimensions on all sides to property lines and/or existing structures,

All existing servitudes (contact Map Room for verification),

All driveways (min. 21 wide for 2-way traffic), and parking space (s). Regular spaces are 9 x 20 and handicap spaces are 16 x 20. All Drives and Parking Spaces Must Be Paved.

Two Sets of Building Plans (manufacturer can sometimes supply these), Drawn to Scale, to Include the Following Minimum Items:

A foundation plan (when applicable) showing types of footing proposed,

A detailed floor plan including size and location of all doors,

Wall section (s),

Stair/landing detail (if applicable) showing tread/riser dimensions and handrail/guardrail size and dimension.

Contact Electrical Department @ 389-3213 for more information.

Building must be wired in conduit,

Show wiring diagram, panel schedule, & service riser diagram.

Contact Plumbing Department @ 389-3230 for more information.

Must show floor drains in restrooms,

Show drain lines on plans & provide riser diagram.

If applicable, contact Mechanical Department @ 389-3217.

For central units, must show BTU rating, 125 degree firestat in R/A & fresh air intake.

The Following Forms Provided By the Commercial Plan Review Must Be Completed and Returned, Prior to Issuance of a Permit:

Application For Commercial Permit Form,

Certificate of Responsibility or Design Supervision Form,

Modular Building Inspection Statement,

Flood Zone Determination Form and

Proposed Certificate of Elevation.

Approvals By Other Agencies Required Before Issuance of a Permit:

State Fire Marshal located at 7919 Independence Boulevard or call 925-4920 for Plan Review Approval Letter,

Health Department located at 353 N. 12th Street or call 242-4860 for Plan Review,

Approval Letter, for any food service or private treatment plant

: 2006 International Building Code

  1.  2005 National Electric Code

  2.  2000 La. State Plumbing Code

  3.  2006 International Mechanical Code

  4. EBRP Unified Development Code