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Metropolitan Council

222 Saint Louis St.
Room 364
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
(225) 389-3123 Office
(225) 389-3127 Fax
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. M-F

Scott Wilson
Mayor Pro Tem
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District 01
  Trae Welch
District 02
  Chauna Banks
District 03
  Chandler Loupe
District 04
  Scott Wilson
District 05
  Erika L. Green
District 06
  Donna Collins-Lewis
District 07
  LaMont Cole
District 08
  Buddy Amoroso
District 09
  Dwight Hudson
District 10
  Tara Wicker
District 11
  Matt Watson
District 12
  Barbara Freiberg
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Plan of Government
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Metropolitan Council Meeting Photo Gallery
Photos from January 11, 2017 Council Meeting
Mayor-President and Metro Council Members

The Metropolitan Council Members

Addressing the City Council

Citizens may speak during Public Hearings at Metropolitan Council meetings by completing a "Request to Speak Form" This document is in PDF format.  Download the free viewer from and presenting it to the Public Information Coordinator near the podium prior to the start of the meeting before 4:30 p.m. Groups that wish to address the same issue are encouraged to select a spokesperson. Each citizen will be given three minutes to speak.

The Metropolitan Council acts as the governing authority for the City and Parish of East Baton Rouge. Its authority is exercised over the City and Parish General Funds, all districts created by the Council, the Greater Baton Rouge Airport District, the Public Transportation Commission, the East Baton Rouge Parish Sewerage Control Commission, and the Greater Baton Rouge Parking Authority. The Council acts as the official policy-making board for all of the above. It is required by The Plan of Government to hold meetings on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. The Council also conducts committee meetings on alternating Wednesdays and special meetings, whenever they are deemed necessary.

Mission Statement

To establish policy for the city, the parish, and the districts under its authority to adopt the annual budgets for the City and Parish General Funds and all districts requiring such action of the Council to appoint the members of various boards and commissions, as necessary and to provide for the continued growth of East Baton Rouge Parish through establishment of zoning policy and regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the things the Metropolitan Council is responsible for?

The East Baton Rouge Parish Metro Council is responsible for setting the policy of the City-Parish, including establishing local sales taxes, setting the salaries of police officers, approving whether a piece of property is ultimately rezoned, determining whether or not liquor can be sold on Sundays and more. One of the biggest responsibilities of the Metro Council is approving how the City allocates the money. Each fall, the Mayor-President submits the City-Parish's budget for Council review. In the event there's a surplus of revenue, the Council also decides how the funds should be spent.

And when it comes to passing new legislation, it is Metro Council members who get the ball rolling. Many of the items that members introduce come first from constituents, so it is important to get to know your Council Member and what he or she stands for.

What do Metro Council Members earn for their role on the Council?

As they earn just $1,000 a month for their role on the Council.

What is the Mayor Pro Tem?

After a new council is seated, members elected their own president, or Mayor Pro Tempore. The Mayor Pro Tempore presides over meetings and serves in the Mayor-President's behalf, if unavailable.

Where and when does the Metro Council meet?

The Council meets in the downtown City Hall building located at 222 St. Louis Street. The Council Chambers are on the third floor, room 348. The Council usually meets twice monthly, and often more frequently.

How can the community participate in Metro Council meetings?

"Public Hearings" are held to give the community an opportunity to voice their opinions on matters. Public hearings are held for various issues such as, road projects, appropriating money, and levying taxes. Before a public hearing may be held, the item is first introduced by a Council Member then approved by the body for discussion at a later date. In that interim period, the date and time of the public hearing are advertised in the newspaper, and here on website.

Do we have term limits in East Baton Rouge Parish?

Yes, in 1995 the citizens of the parish voted to limit both the Mayor-President and members of the Metropolitan Council to three consecutive terms of office.

How do I reach my Metro Council Member?

There are several ways to find out who your council member is. You can use the Council District map or search by your street name using the Council District Lookup.  If you still need help in determining who your Metro Council member is, call the Council Administrator's office at 389-3123.