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City Constable's Office

233 Saint Louis St.
Basement Room 46
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
(225) 389-3004 Office
(225) 389-3029 Fax
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. M-F

Reginald R. Brown, Sr.
City Constable
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Major Reginald R. Brown Sr., Constable

Reginald R. Brown Sr.

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Metro21 Live Stream
"Spotlight on 5"
District 5 with Constable Reginald R. Brown Sr.
September 24, 2014

Constable Reginald R. Brown Sr. is a resident of Baton Rouge and a retired East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office Deputy of 25 years. He is presently the Baton Rouge City Constable where he was elected October 7, 2000. He is a Christian, a family man and a community servant who has devoted his life to help make life better for others. Constable Brown is a graduate of T.A. Levy High School in Rosedale, Louisiana and a graduate of Southern University in Baton Rouge. He credits his success to a firm foundation developed by his mother, family members, church, school and members of his community along with friends. Constable Brown has received many awards throughout his career; among these are the 1997 Golden Deeds Award and the Southern University Trailblazer award in 1998. His Humanitarian contributions have been reflected in every community throughout our parish and as far reaching as the hurricane disaster areas of Katrina and Rita. Constable Brown has served with such organizations and boards as:

  • Holiday Helpers, Inc. of Baton Rouge
  • NCA Chairman of the Board
  • EBR Children’s Planning Board Chairman
  • Major Topics Weekly Radio-Talk Show Host

Constable Brown loves people and demonstrates it through his everyday efforts working with children and programs that affect them. He also works very enthusiastically with the elderly and feels that he also learns a lot just by being in their company. Constable Brown a gentleman, a humble individual and one who does not know how to say "NO!"


"Service Above and Beyond"

The mission of the City Constable's Office is to execute all City Court Orders, such as civil mandates, judgments, seizures, evictions, civil and criminal subpoenas. To operate the City Jail and provide security for the City Court facility, judges, staff and citizens. To function as a full-time law enforcement agency with authority in traffic, misdemeanor and felony matters; per State Constitution.

The Constable's Office provides services and participates in programs and operations to improve the quality of life for the citizens of this community. Other services include serving condemnation and civil service subpoenas for the East Baton Rouge Parish Attorney's Office and City-Parish. The City Constable's Office is a constitutional office headed by an elected Constable.


The Constable's Office is provided for by the Louisiana Constitution. In addition, the Baton Rouge Constable's Office is recognized by the Plan of Government of the Parish of East Baton Rouge and the City of Baton Rouge. The Constable serves a six year term of office.

Although the Baton Rouge Constable's Office dates back to 1898, the first constable was elected in 1944 for the City of Baton Rouge.

History reflects the Office of Constable dates back to 1066, after the Norman Conquest. The new ruler added the Office of Constable to the justice system. The official originated as a member of the Royal Court. He was the "Count of the Stable" in charge of the king's horses. By the eleventh century, the constable had become one of the chief officials of state with power over the King's Calvary. He was also granted judicial authority. The constable had command of the army, since the main fighting force was comprised of knights on horseback. Local constables were also given law enforcement powers as assistants to the sheriffs. Constables were responsible for putting down riots or armed uprisings. Power to Arms Militias enables them to carry out these functions.


Is the Constable’s Office a Law Enforcement Office?

Yes. It has all powers of arrest and is the enforcement arm of Baton Rouge City Court.

The Constable’s Office has a variety of jurisdictions such as:

  • Small Claims Court Enforcement,
  • Garnishments
  • Constable Sales
  • Seizures,
  • Evictions
  • Warrants, and
  • Drug Lab

What programs does the Community Service Division participate in?

  • Elderly Services (Seminars and Workshops)
  • Youth Programs (Scouts and Law Enforcement Explorer Post)
  • Honor Guard
  • K-9 Search and Rescue
  • O.C.O. Operation Community Outreach
  • Reserve Deputy Program (Civilian Volunteers)

City-Parish Plan of Government and related under State Constitution. This office has Civil and Criminal authority. The most frequent regulated services are:

  • Order of Eviction
  • Order of Garnishment
  • Order of Arrest on Warrant
  • Process Service of Subpoenas (Civil and Criminal)
  • Seizure
  • Constable Sales
  • Temporary Restraining Orders

All information is documented and maintained such as:

The City Jail maintained by the Constable keeps all jail records.

Court documents on subpoenas and all process of services, notices and returns.