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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Planning?
Planning represents the process of regulating the built environment to provide a community with better choices of where and how people live.
What is the UDC?
The Unified Development Code is the combination of development regulations including the zoning and subdivision regulations, sign and floodplain regulations, historic preservation provisions, and the administrative and hearings procedures required for approvals.
What is the Planning Commission?
The Planning Commission is a nine-member board that advises elected officials on growth and development issues for the parish.
Where are the Planning Commission meetings held?
Room 905 of the Governmental Building, 222 St. Louis Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Where can I get population statistics on the city and parish?
United States Census Bureau, American Fact Finder
How is the public notified of property being rezoned?
The Planning Commission staff posts the property with a sign 15 days prior to the Planning Commission stating the meeting date, time, and address. The proposal is also advertised in the local paper. Property owners in the area are notified through regular mail service.
How can I find out the future land use of an area or a particular piece of property in the City-Parish?
The City-Parish Future Land Use Map, designed to act as a “blueprint” for the future development of our community, is a part of the City's comprehensive plan, FUTUREBR. Any planner in our Resource Center is able to assist you in determining a particular land use designation.
What is the zoning on my property?
Call the Office of the Planning Commission (225) 389-3144 to request the zoning status of your property or search the interactive zoning map.
What is a nonconforming use?
A use that was valid and legal when brought into existence but by subsequent regulation is no permissible. Such uses are allowed to continue by right but may not expand.
What is a conditional use?
A use due to special requirements or characteristics, may be allowed in a particular zoning district only after review by the commission and granting of conditional use approval imposing such conditions as necessary to make the use compatible with other uses permitted in the same zone or vicinity.
What is the Historic Preservation Commission?
The Historic Preservation Commission consists of seven members, who are residents of the City-Parish and are appointed by majority vote of the Metropolitan Council. At least one member of the HPC must be a resident or property owner of a locally designated historic district.
Where are the Historic Preservation Commission meetings held?
1100 Laurel Street, Baton Rouge LA 70802, Planning Commission, large conference room.
What is a Certificate of Appropriateness?
A Certificate of Appropriateness is required for any exterior change that is visible from a public street to any part of a private property within a locally designated historic district or landmark, unless the change is determined to be ordinary maintenance and repair.
Is my property in a locally designated historic district?
Call the Office of the Planning Commission (225) 389-3144 to see if your property is in a locally designated historic district.
How do I subdivide my property?
Call or visit the Office of the Planning Commission, 1100 Laurel Street, Suite 104, or 225-389-3144 to speak with the Site Plan & Plat Manager, who will assist you in the application process.
What is the Brownfields Program?
The Brownfields Program fosters redevelopment of property through providing environmental assessments, risk assessments, preparation for clean-ups and redevelopment planning through a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency.
What is the Enterprise Zone Program?
The Louisiana Enterprise Zone Program is an incentive program available to qualifying new businesses and/or expansions to existing businesses that will create new, permanent jobs and employ individuals from targeted groups.
What is the Restoration Tax Abatement Program?
The Restoration Tax Abatement Program provides an up to ten-year abatement of ad valorem property taxes on the renovations and improvements of existing commercial structures and owner occupied residences that are within qualifying districts. View eligible areas for Restoration Tax Abatement
For more information regarding any of the Economic Development programs, contact a Sr. Planner in our Long Range Planning division.